Monday, October 15, 2007

Full in the Face

By Rick Williams

Deafened by noise and pasted by bugs
the windshield-less biker rides.
Neck strained from wind, face numbed by cold
is the ride-style that he decides.

Some may opt for their comfort zone
behind their Plexiglas shield,
while others like myself may not...
Preferring scenery unconcealed.

The fall and winter months will show
a rider's grit and spirit.
Many riders, even those with 'shields
Will park and not go near it.

I, too, may opt to not go out
and ride in weather cold,
but I don't "mothball" my bike
when summer's sun grows old.

Sometimes the cold and moist fall air
is exactly what people need,
and having it blast you full in the face
is living life, indeed.