Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Hundredth Post!

By Rick Williams

Wow, it appears this stupid rhyme right here
means a milestone has been logged.
This entry makes the hundredth post
of my ramblings on this blog!

I had many written when it began;
just crap I wrote over years of time.
this blog was started to keep them safe;
these bits of limerick, prose, and rhyme.

As time went by more things were added;
some from pain and some came easy.
Some of them were very thoughtful,
and many humorous and cheesy.

While a hundred posts in the blogging world
is a fairly easy goal to meet,
the fact that I'm not any kind of poet
makes a hundred seem like quite a feat!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sixty Years Old?!

By Rick Williams

It happens every single day;
no preparation does it take.
Sleeping when our day is done;
we're older when we wake.

This birthday felt a little weird;
it was different in some way.
I felt the same way physically
but my mind felt... disarray.

I guess the thought of saying "sixty"
is mostly what's to blame.
It feels like now it's fine to say,
"I'm old, you play the game."

I'm fine; it's just a thoughtful time
to reflect on all that's past...
especially since I never thought
I'd arrive this far, this fast.