Sunday, November 23, 2008


By Rick Williams

The November cold is here in force
but the stubborn sun still shines.
Thanksgiving plans are being made:
Turkeys, pies, and wines.

I tend to dread this time of year
no skin or skimpy clothes.
Summer is my time of year
as everybody knows.

Although I really must admit
a roaring fire is nice
I just can't stand the long, dark days
or windshields dressed in ice.

Sometimes I have to wonder
as we celebrate this time of year
if the reasons for the holidays
are really to induce some cheer.

What if these days we take
for granted are totally a sham
the Turkeys, hams and Christmas lights
are really just a scam?

The dark and dreary winters
can cause us to lose hope
but what if Christmas and Thanksgiving
were designed to help us cope?

Imagine: Man-made special days
created just to keep us sane
When people in the North go nuts,
stir-crazy from the cold and rain.

Okay, it's really just a thought;
it couldn't be that way
I'm sure if they were both dreamed up
someone, somewhere would say.

So meanwhile, stoke the fire up
or in that hot tub soak
whatever it takes to warm you;
be it drink, or food, or joke.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Sorry Truck

By Rick Williams

My truck of black; it tested me
it's mood I always guessed.
Sometimes it would start with glee
and others only rest.

Just when I would start to hope
that it was finally fixed,
I'd turn the key, but it said, "Nope"
and my joy would then be nixed.

I never knew on any day
if it would ever start.
I'd turn the key and I would pray
for just a pop or fart.

Usually it was at home
that it would let me down,
but sometimes it would let me roam
then strand me across town.

Sometimes it would toy with me
to see if I would tire.
I'd almost kill the battery
and it might then decide to fire.

That day it knew it went too far
it started instantly,
but I just stared down at my car
and ignored it's last-ditch plea.

Onto the trailer to be towed
it slowly made its way,
and tears from its windshield washer flowed
as it was led away.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cupid's Arrow

By Rick Williams

A woman named Sue, it appeared
had a lifestyle she greatly revered.
Then everything changed;
her life rearranged;
when her heart was so suddenly speared.

Cupid's arrow flew swiftly and true,
where it came from she hadn't a clue.
Feelings largely unused
from being battered and bruised
resurfaced, all shiny and new.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Courting Suzie

By Rick Williams

There once was a woman named Suzie
Who made her man Rick feel all woozy
When she'd visit him not
the feelings he got
Were very much somber and bluesy.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Secret Valentine

By Rick Williams

I have myself a Valentine
no wait--much more than that.
She dominates my thoughts all day
no matter where I'm at.

I seem to have a new-found joy
to go to work each day.
When we both make eye contact
they have so much to say.

We love to sneak a touch or feel
when we pass each other by.
We know some day that we'll be seen
by someone else's eye.

The excitement of our secret
makes our workdays fun
to steal a kiss when possible
whether stopped or on the run.

An office romance is a thing
that can go very wrong
But I think that this one will go right
our feelings are so strong.

To work with someone like we have
and never really "meet",
came close to being unfulfilled
but now we are complete!