Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Secret Valentine

By Rick Williams

I have myself a Valentine
no wait--much more than that.
She dominates my thoughts all day
no matter where I'm at.

I seem to have a new-found joy
to go to work each day.
When we both make eye contact
they have so much to say.

We love to sneak a touch or feel
when we pass each other by.
We know some day that we'll be seen
by someone else's eye.

The excitement of our secret
makes our workdays fun
to steal a kiss when possible
whether stopped or on the run.

An office romance is a thing
that can go very wrong
But I think that this one will go right
our feelings are so strong.

To work with someone like we have
and never really "meet",
came close to being unfulfilled
but now we are complete!