Friday, March 23, 2012

Emailed Rhymes to Dana

By Rick Williams

[Dana was the administrative assistant where I worked.  A great sense of humor and a certain amount of craziness emanated from her all the time.  The following rhymes were all things that popped into my mind and were emailed to her at various times when we worked there.]

There once was a woman named Dana
Who fell and her ass was in pain-a
It hurt her to sit
and to pee and to (uh, you know)
So from wild sex had to refrain-a.


Ally, Dana's beautiful daughter
to LaCroy her mom finally brought her.
She has very nice clothes
and the reason I knows
is 'cause Dana borrows some that she got her.

The mouthful of braces she had
that were bought by her mom & her dad
are finally gone
and now she can yawn
without the embarrassment she had.

Now her beautiful smile is all done
and her teeth can shine bright like the sun.
All those nice pearly whites
can shine brightly like lights
and her grin will now dazzle and stun.


A whoosh as Dana hurried by;
a flash of purple too.
A merry twinkle in her eye
a smile and by she blew.

Her energy seemed limitless
no pausing ever shown.
She's lucky that she wore no dress
or high it might have flown!


Here's a note.
I'd like to say:
I hope you have
a decent day.

I'm sorry for your
family woes
and all the stuff
that with it, goes.

Just so you know that
as your friend
I'm behind you and
support I send.


Dana is a naughty girl
or maybe she's pretending,
but either way is fine with me;
no risk of her offending.

I'm just a dirty-minded man
with titties on the brain
and from those thoughts of nakedness
I find I can't abstain.

Undressing ladies in my mind
is something that I do
but I've never actually attempted
to use a mirror on my shoe.

Suggestive comments, body moves
or any of that stuff
all energize my shallow mind--
I just can't get enough.

So Dana: Lay it on as thick
as you feel like you can
naughty stuff just makes my day
'cause I am just a man.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lethargic Limerick

By Rick Williams

While commuting to work one fine day
it struck me how little I play.
Is my energy just low
or have I gotten just so
used to sitting down all stinkin' day?