Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Rain Song

By Rick Williams

While in my house one quiet day
I heard a sound--a sort of ringing
My ears reached out with probing wonder
I realized then: the rain was singing!

The random raindrops played a tune
as they splashed against the chimney tin
I smiled and closed my eyes as I
enjoyed it--safe and dry within.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Hot or Cold?

by Rick Williams

The heat, oppressive as it is
in August, people languish
they forget that only months before
they spoke of cold in anguish.

"Give me warmth to thaw my bones
I can't take this any more
I must have sunlight--bring it forth
I'm frozen to the core!"

How quickly they forget those words
though heartfelt they were then
now that it's both hot and dry
their tune changed yet again.

"Give me winter, where I can layer
as much as needed to feel right--
a time when I have full control
of comfort--'specially at night."

The scene repeats two times a year
and why?  There are two reasons:
Winter and summer both, and
people struggle with both seasons.

By the time six months have passed
the memory of their hate will wane
and they forget how bad they felt
the last time they professed disdain.

But every year the same old cycle
comes and goes as it has always
and every year the same old song
will echo down the same old hallways.