Thursday, January 26, 2012

House Guests

By Rick Williams

When house-guests drop into your life
you try your best to be
a gracious host or hostess;
treating them with dignity.

For their visit we must shelve
our privacy at home;
we don't know what they'll hear or see,
or where they'll peek or roam.

We know it's just for a short while
that they'll be in our way
but what an impact they can make
when in our house all day.

Their tastes or lack thereof can be
a catalyst for pain.
TV, food, or anything you do
are reasons to complain.

Let's say we choose to slave all day
to make them something great
they'll say, "Oh no--I can't eat that--
it keeps me up too late."

You do your best to keep it quiet
because that's what nice folks do
but when you need to get your sleep:
Consideration--Out it flew.

I'm sure it's not intentional
when guests step on our toes
they're just opinionated folks
with every thought disclosed.

When your rope is wearing thin,
and they're just too much to face
sneak off to your favorite private spot
you call your Happy Place.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


By Rick Williams

Nipples big, and nipples small;
I'm pretty sure I love them all.

While visible is, of course, better
I also like them under sweaters.

There's something about them that I love
but what it is I'm not sure of.

Maybe it's the boobs they're on, no
maybe it's the way they grow.

I do remember there was one time
when I was in the check-out line...

The cashier asked, "Hi, how are you?"
when I answered her nipples grew!

I think that I was mesmerized
by how they instantly re-sized.

I know I lost my train of thought
when they spoke to me, "Forget-us-not."

It's easily been decades now
since that event made me say 'wow'.

I bet I'd recognize her to this day
those nipples made that moment stay.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Thank-you to Gwen

By Rick Williams

Our bridges, metaphorically, have spanned
a lot that's shaped our lives
experiences that have flowed beneath
have placed wisdom behind our eyes.

I wish still had details from
how and when we met
but these days I find it's harder
to remember than forget.

The things you recommend I do
when I'm spouting 'woe is me'
are all good things I need to hear
but I'm too damned blind to see.

I know that I'm a selfish man
I've always leaned that way
Unfortunately, I'm much more 'me' than 'we'
in decisions made each day.

I'd like to think I've gotten better
as I've aged and learned
but once again I ran right smack
into a lecture that I earned.

So if you see me at it again
with my self-centered line of thought
Feel free to let me have it with
both barrels--hold back naught.

Friday, January 6, 2012

A Limerick for Gwen

By Rick Williams

A golden-haired woman named Gwen
who was special to me way back when
We had some good times
although none involved rhymes
I was apparently less poetic back then.