Monday, January 25, 2016

What's Underneath?

By Rick Williams

The clothing I see ladies wear
does fill my mind with wonder.
I find myself with thoughts like,
"What are they wearing under?"

I'll wonder if they match or not.
Are they plain or are they racy?
Does she wear cotton fabrics
or maybe smooth or lacy?

Most times I can't tell at all
what kind of things they wear
or maybe there is nothing worn
and under they are bare!

And the women that dress boring;
what are they hiding under clothes?
Are they throwing up a plain facade
wishing secretly to expose?

Sometimes it's quite obvious
when flaunted in a naughty way.
They want their sexy things to show;
that's why they're on display.

Even just the little things
will catch my roving, lustful eye.
Just a texture or a line
barely seen as they walk by.

Am I bad to ogle women as I do?
It fills me with such pleasure!
I look and I appreciate
and find them all a treasure.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Good Morning, Web

By Rick Williams

It's Sunday morning at my place,
spontaneous yawns across my face.
A cup of coffee with me too,
perusing websites to see what's new.

So much to see, and so amazing!
all things things at which I'm gazing.
I wish I had such talent too
to wow, and speak through things I do.

See, I'm inspired by creative hosts
I'm happy to sit and surf their posts.
The art and culture that they share
makes me all the more aware.