Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Almost 40 Years Have Passed

By Rick Williams

The years go by in groups of ten
and soon it's time to meet again!

Reunion time for Auburn High;
a time to meet, to laugh, to cry.

Also, there are always those
that, where they are; nobody knows.

Some do manage to keep in touch
but many of us: not so much.

Familiar faces, but lined and creased
Sadly, some are gone; deceased.

Some we may not recognize
(yet--there's something familiar about their eyes!)

I do hope we have name tags on
because my memory is sometimes gone.

Stories to trade, so much to share,
joking about each other's hair.

Taking pictures of friends re-found
or just sitting quietly in the background.

Some may even be surprised
to laugh with someone once despised.

There may also be some new friends made
as pictures, tales, and emails trade.

I was no one back in school.
I played no sports, I wasn't cool.

Part of me says, "don't go near"
like there's something in the past I fear.

Maybe I'm afraid of emotions flowing
or maybe I'm better off not knowing?

There were many girls I lusted for,
and what if now I lust once more?

Sometimes I think back and wonder:
Did I choose correct or blunder?

I tell myself, "don't think that way."
"What's done is done, so live today."

I was, for the most part, glad
of treasured times in school I had.

Even if you had only one true friend
that's still enough reason to attend.

So celebrate the ones that show,
whether friends or those you hardly know.

Our list of classmates shrinks each year.
We're getting old; our time grows near.

Though our energy is partly gone
our zest for life goes on!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


by Rick Williams

I hope that when I'm dead and gone
a few might read my written word.
To see what thoughts flowed forth
from me--an ordinary nerd.

I'd like for folks to be surprised
at thoughts I had inside.
'Cause I had my public persona
behind which I would hide.

It frustrates me that choices made
were seldom what they seemed.
When high hopes and expectations
failed to come off as I dreamed.

I think of things I like to do
and shrug a mental sigh.
I've arrived intact to where I am;
no reason now to try.

I guess it's just one way I feel
Like I'm not where I should be.
It's like I caught the wrong train
As childhood fell from me.

I don't believe in destiny
but it's an interesting thought.
If we had pre-chosen paths
would we like what they had brought?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


by Rick Williams

My mind swings wildly to and fro;
sometimes yes and sometimes no.

Oppressive thoughts may cloud my day,
and taint the things that people say.

A morning, bad, that turns to worse,
makes me wonder why I'm cursed.

Sometimes it just seems to be
that the universe is taunting me.

"What can you stand before you break?"
"Is your mental health at stake?"

There are times I've closed my eyes
and tipped my face toward the skies.

"I give up," I said, "I'm not this tough."
"Take me now. I've had enough."

Of course, nothing happens, I'm still here.
Living day to day, unclear.