Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Business as Usual

By Rick Williams

Devoid of brain activity
the misfits come apply.
Unencumbered by intelligence
and barely getting by.

Workers that can't find a job
are welcome at LaCroy.
Brain-dead doesn't matter;
the dregs they will employ.

A new-hire's basic skills
can vary quite a lot;
They may look like they're intelligent
but be really devoid of thought.

Some may look like they're deranged
but still be good at work.
They may show up unshaven
but at least their brains aren't murk.

Occasionally they turn out to be
alcoholic bums instead.
If they do show up on time
their fumes would wake the dead.

Most workers badly need their checks
they're always almost broke;
But yet they always buy their lunch
and never fail to smoke.

Many of them seem to miss
a day of work per week,
and yet they are the ones
whose finances are most bleak.

Some of us have stayed so long
our rut is way too deep
we've passed the point that we can leave;
the rut sides are too steep.

There are often times we want
to find a different place;
a different work environment
or just a change of pace.

Even though I've been there a while
I sometimes have a fright:
What if I find in the morning
my job vanished overnight?

Two brothers own the company
and both are fairly old;
their heirs don't seem to want the throne
but I'm sure they'll want the gold.

What if one or both expire?
They're getting up in years.
Will the company survive
or be the end of our careers?

I hate the thought of being forced
to join the job search fray;
to give up all I've earned and done
to job hunt every day.