Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cranial Cobwebs

By Rick Williams

The cobwebs in my aging brain
are continually conspiring
to make it a monumental strain
to dredge thoughts I'm requiring.

Maybe it's the years of use
that have taken a heavy toll,
or maybe I've run out of space
in my cranial dust bowl?

At one time it was easy to see
the corners of my mental room
but now it's dark and dimly lit
filled with haze and gloom.

Although my head seems packed
with murkiness and sludge
it still seems plenty able to
opinion-ate or judge.

I have to focus hard on things
to do them well enough,
but that's another problem
because focusing is tough.

Some things I remember well
like who sang what and when,
the characters of movies
and other roles they're in.

I remember all the trivial stuff;
it easily comes to me,
but ask what I must do today
and blank I'll likely be.

There is short term memory
and long term so they say,
but I really wish I could recall
the stuff I need today.

Sue gets frustrated at my lack
of remembering certain tasks.
Like what to do or what to buy
the first time that she asks.

I feel so badly when I fail
it's not for lack of trying,
and when I say I don't recall
it's not that I am lying.

If I could really concentrate
I'd probably be okay
but that ability, like I said,
was lost along the way.

Perhaps I burnt too many cells
with fun like drugs and booze,
but what if I stayed pure and good
and still had missing screws?