Sunday, November 23, 2008


By Rick Williams

The November cold is here in force
but the stubborn sun still shines.
Thanksgiving plans are being made:
Turkeys, pies, and wines.

I tend to dread this time of year
no skin or skimpy clothes.
Summer is my time of year
as everybody knows.

Although I really must admit
a roaring fire is nice
I just can't stand the long, dark days
or windshields dressed in ice.

Sometimes I have to wonder
as we celebrate this time of year
if the reasons for the holidays
are really to induce some cheer.

What if these days we take
for granted are totally a sham
the Turkeys, hams and Christmas lights
are really just a scam?

The dark and dreary winters
can cause us to lose hope
but what if Christmas and Thanksgiving
were designed to help us cope?

Imagine: Man-made special days
created just to keep us sane
When people in the North go nuts,
stir-crazy from the cold and rain.

Okay, it's really just a thought;
it couldn't be that way
I'm sure if they were both dreamed up
someone, somewhere would say.

So meanwhile, stoke the fire up
or in that hot tub soak
whatever it takes to warm you;
be it drink, or food, or joke.