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There have been a lot of instances over the years when I've enjoying putting words together in the form of poems or limericks.  The whimsical nature of rhyming appeals to me, as does the challenge of seeing if I can actually pull off the transfer of feelings and thoughts into a finished product or not.

Unfortunately, some of the poems have been lost over time.  They were poems and stories I wrote many years ago while I was serving in the Air Force in remote locations in Europe.   During times of boredom I would find myself in front of one of the many Underwood typewriters that were so ubiquitous at the time, lovingly crafting thoughts of loneliness and isolation into words.  None survived the many moves I made over the years.

In recent times, computers, cell phones, and other devices have become commonplace, and the ability to jot things down on a whim has become easy.  When you consider how easy computer-typed text is to edit, and how easy it is to search the internet for special rhymes for words when you get stuck, it's no wonder I've had so much fun writing them recently.

Some of the writings in this compilation were meant as nothing more than a funny blurb to send to a coworker in an email.  Some are real people and events, and some are imaginary.  Some were personal challenges, such as the one where I wrote a complete story of two would-be lovers meeting for the first time--completely in limerick form.  Some poems were pulled out of my head with great difficulty, while others flowed quickly and effortlessly into their final form.  While they are an offbeat mishmash of content and quality, they are all mine and I'm proud of them.

I hope you like them too.


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