Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mind Numbness

by Rick Williams

[sitting through classes with a teacher that speaks in 500-word sentences can be a real adventure...]

I'm trying hard to stay awake;
the teacher's dial is set on "bake".

The numbing drone; I cannot see;
like mental acid, it's eating me.

Alertness, shot, I'm fading fast;
I don't know how long I can last.

But just when I can take no more
the clock smiles down and I hit the door.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tick, tick, tick!

by Rick Williams



Tick, tick!

Tick, tick, tick!
the fire takes hold.

Tick, tick, tick!
warm, once cold.

Tick, tick, tick!
the woodstove heat;

Tick, tick, tick!
it's warming my feet.

Tick, tick, tick!
hotter and hotter...

Tick, tick, tick!
I need some water!

Tick, tick, tick!
that's hot enough!

Tick, tick, tick!
I'm in the buff!

Tick, tick, tick!
stop feeding it!

Tick, tick, tick!
just let it sit.

Tick, tick, tick.
ah, it's cooling.

Tick, tick, tick
no more fueling.

Tick, tick.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bill the Instructor

By Rick Williams

[this was written today as a thank-you for the instructor I had during a training class for up-and-coming manufacturing engineers]

There once was a teacher named Bill
who did what he could to instill
how to be an M.E.
but it was hard, for you see;
our capacity to learn was quite nil.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Flicker

by Rick Williams

I was sitting here one cold, fall day
when I heard a thumping sound.
I couldn't tell from where it came
and I turned my head around.

I looked out the window for a sign
to explain the sound to me.
I looked around for anything
without knowing what I'd see.

I really had no clue of what
the bumps and rustling were.
I tried my best to figure it out
but they'd only randomly occur.

I thought it was the neighbor
'cause he'd sometimes bang and thump,
but this time there was no one home
to make any kind of bump.

Then I heard it one more time
when I was in my chair,
and something outside caught my eye
at the top of the window there.

On a railing below the eaves
above, where I could see;
a brightly-colored Flicker sat
and was looking back at me.

I wonder if he was angry
at what we did this year
when we cut his favorite lilac down?
He probably held it dear.

The Flicker's always loved that tree.
Perhaps it tasted good?
They covered it with little holes;
always pecking against the wood.

We finally had to cut it down
because it started failing.
The parts of it were hanging out
over driveway, cars and railing.

Maybe he was mad enough
that he tried to bore a hole
into the outside of our house.
Maybe spite was his main goal.

Well, all I can say is "Sorry, man...
we hated to cut your tree.
Now come back and have some suet.
I hang it just for you, you see."

Sunday, November 11, 2012

I've Noticed as I Age

by Rick Williams

I've noticed as I age that I
smell things differently than I did.
I've also noticed as I age that
things are softer around my mid.

I've noticed as I age that my
attention span is sorely lacking.
I've also noticed as I age that
when I move I hear joints cracking.

I've wondered as I age where all
the time and all the years have gone.
I've also pondered as I've aged if
I should keep on keepin' on.

I've decided though I've aged a lot
my life is quite a ways from hell.
When comparing it to others known
I've got things pretty well.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Whew, It's Over

by Rick Williams

Election came, and finally went.
My patience for ringing phones is spent.

The endless slogans and finger pointing,
candidates righteous by self-anointing.

I'm sick and tired of political gloating
and "lesser of two evils" voting.

I'd love to live to see the day
when officials actually did as they say.

In the meantime I'm just quite happy
that this election's gone--no matter how crappy.

Monday, November 5, 2012

R.I.P. Facebook

by Rick Williams

Facebook's gone,
Facebook's dead;
at least on my computer
and in my head.

I tired of how
it took such hold;
but the power it wielded
finally got old.

I couldn't take it
any more,
so I buried mine.
How 'bout yours?

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Stop Saving My Time!

by Rick Williams

We're all done saving daylight;
it's time to stop our hoarding.
Why does this thing still happen?
There's no one that's supporting.

This stupid act of juggling clocks:
It needs to go away.
Twice a year we have to face
adjustments in our day.

I really don't know anyone
that likes the stupid act.
We move clocks ahead each spring
then in the fall: retract.

It's not like there's a benefit
to saving up an hour.
It's not like we can save it
like some kind of magic power.

I know I didn't have a single bit
of extra daylight stored.
I guess a better savings plan
needs to be explored.

Seriously, there's not that much
than citizens can do.
We have to follow stupid rules
'cause that's what people do.

So if you're late or early to
wherever you were going
just tell them, "Hey, it's not my fault...
the rooster wasn't crowing."