Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Sorry Truck

By Rick Williams

My truck of black; it tested me
it's mood I always guessed.
Sometimes it would start with glee
and others only rest.

Just when I would start to hope
that it was finally fixed,
I'd turn the key, but it said, "Nope"
and my joy would then be nixed.

I never knew on any day
if it would ever start.
I'd turn the key and I would pray
for just a pop or fart.

Usually it was at home
that it would let me down,
but sometimes it would let me roam
then strand me across town.

Sometimes it would toy with me
to see if I would tire.
I'd almost kill the battery
and it might then decide to fire.

That day it knew it went too far
it started instantly,
but I just stared down at my car
and ignored it's last-ditch plea.

Onto the trailer to be towed
it slowly made its way,
and tears from its windshield washer flowed
as it was led away.