Friday, November 18, 2011

Limericks of Coworkers

By Rick Williams

There once was a driver named Bill
who seemed to have only one skill:
Doing everything slow
was his usual M.O.
The chance of him working was nil.

He coughs like he's dying of T.B.
He smokes like a chimney, you see.
If he laughs at your jokes
he will cough 'til he chokes
and his face will turn red as can be.

Tenny is trailer-trash grade
whose lifestyle is naught but charade
his upperclass cars
are old beaters with scars
When he hired on the boss was well played.

The right-winger he pretends hard to be
is all so his bosses will see.
He has zero clues
of political news;
He's brown-nosing I'm sure you'll agree.

Katie, a new girl that was hired
because Scott, under work was so mired
she has a nice smile
and she knows how to file
So I hope that her skills are admired.

Sometimes when she puts up her hair
I see her tattoo and I stare
I wonder, "Are there more?
Does she have tats galore?"
But inquire such a thing I don't dare.

There once was a guy named Metheny
who lived his whole life for his weenie.
When he'd find him a chick
she would point at his dick
"It's cute but a little too teeny."

There once was a tall fellow named Brandon
who spent all day with papers he scanned in.
Sometimes he'd clean,
or even run a machine;
and occasionally run software he planned in.