Sunday, December 20, 2015

Shop the stores; nevermore.

by Rick Williams

Once upon a Christmas eve
while I sat drinking, much relieved;
there came a ringing at my door.
Shop the stores; nevermore.

"What could it be?" I pondered then
"An item ordered way back when?"
I sprang and slid across the floor.
Shop the stores, nevermore.

I cracked the door and peered outside
it was late you see, and my brain was fried.
The porch light blazed, and brown he wore.
Shop the stores; nevermore.

I was so happy, though late the hour
that piles of praise on him I showered.
I attacked the box; I ripped and tore.
Shop the stores; nevermore.

Aha! It's the final thing I needed.
My Christmas shopping had succeeded!
The online world has so much to explore.
Shop the stores; nevermore.

What drove me to this shopping style?
Why did I stray from wandering aisles?
It seems only yesterday that I swore:
Shop the stores; nevermore.

The crowds of shoppers, the crazy sales
It grew too great! My patience failed!
and when I found I could take no more:
Shop the stores; nevermore.

No more traffic, no stressful pain,
from jam-packed parking lots I can refrain.
I'll sit warm inside while rain does pour.
Shop the stores; nevermore.

I'll miss the decorations of reds and greens,
and the multitude of Santa figurines.
Although "impulse" items I'll fail to score:
Shop the stores; nevermore.

I'll (not!) miss the endless Christmas songs
that play all day and all night long.
Yes, lines at checkouts make me sore.
Shop the stores; nevermore.

Although you can't touch or try things on
at least you can order before they're gone.
If it must be returned then it becomes a chore...
Shop the stores; nevermore.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Driving Lights

By Rick Williams

Headlights, quad
oh my god!
I hate those blinding things!

Who ordered four?
Did we need more
of the searing light they bring?

When they're behind
I often find
I'm blinded from the back.

They may see clearer
but they're in my mirror!
Now it's a rear attack!

Maybe I'm just too old
cataracts foretold
that gives sparkle to all the lights;

but it's getting to where
I should have sunglasses there
in my car when I'm driving at night!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


by Rick Williams

The miles go by, and those are good
but it's the waiting...

the sparkly lights at night, so pretty
and then the waiting...

conversations of the boastful men
in between the waiting...

the drone and rumble of rusty trains
while she's stopped and waiting...

arrival at the destination comes
and again begins the waiting...

she should be home and safely tucked
but instead she's stopped...  and waiting.