Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Different Path

By Rick Williams

here I sit.
I can't quite shake the feeling;
Wondering long,
"Where'd I go wrong?"
and staring at the ceiling.

Much more I'd earn
if I had learned
way more while back in school;
I'd likely be
well off and free
had I never played the fool.

The money goes
to all of those
that prove that they were scholars;
If high school's tops
and the learning stops
we'll never see big dollars.

I can't go back
to change my track
and right my stupid wrongs;
Instead I sit
and reflect a bit
writing melancholy songs.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Waving 'Bye to Youth

By Rick Williams

Remember when
we had smooth skin
and our hair contained no gray?

Our minds were clear,
we had no fear,
and our days were filled with play!

Fun came first,
and we immersed
ourselves in it a lot.

We'd play the fools
and break the rules
without a second thought.

But now we're old
and much less bold
and we have much more to lose.

So we move slow
with sounds of woe,
and praise our pees and poos.