Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Shopper's Lament

By Rick Williams

This holiday time of the year
when, of malls we try hard to stay clear.
The shoppers; all hurrying
like mice; chased and scurrying,
and the parking lots: Places to fear.

We shoppers hardly ever think twice
when it comes to the item or price
because it's the norm
we don't dare reform,
and the stores do their best to entice.

For our loved ones we set out to buy,
but no matter how hard that we try;
we can never resist
when the prices insist,
and we buy for ourselves with a sigh.

Our money is already tight
partly due to less day and more night.
Our heaters all run
because of no sun,
and our power bills tend to cause fright.

In these times when so many need work
and behind them their creditors lurk
they just can't NOT buy
for their gal or their guy.
It's like a duty they can't seem to shirk.

Now the hubbub has finally died down
and Christmas has finally left town.
Our houses are all messed,
and we really need rest,
but we work, or in debt we will drown.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


By Rick Williams

I checked the web and found them still there
twenty-eight pics of me bare
from a few years ago
when I opted to show
everything to my friends lurking there.

It's the naturist in me I guess
that makes it a challenge to dress
I'd rather be bare
feeling breeze in my hair
It's a feeling that I hate to repress.

There's a little exhibitionist too
that came out when I'd allow them to view
I'd succumb to a dare
without even a care
and off all the clothing then flew.