Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Forgotten Limerick to Melinda

By Rick Williams

[I just discovered this on one of my hard drives.  It's from several years ago and unpublished until now!]

The favorite cousin of mine
who loved to have guests over to dine
her hugs felt so right
and she held me so tight
that between us no daylight did shine.

She loved a good laugh and would flirt,
she liked to have fun but not hurt
"We'll be married," she'd boast,
"if our spouses are toast"
"and I don't care about gossip or dirt."

I knew it was wrong for such thoughts
tried to push them aside but could not
It was obvious to me
I'm as naughty as she
Besides... She has always looked hot!

I wonder why she's never asked
for a ride on my Hog, slow or fast
Perhaps if I dared
or maybe compared
the vibrations to orgasms past?

I like to give rides to good friends
but only to ladies, not mens.
The way they hold tight
feels amazingly "right"
and makes me go agains and agains.

The parties she held were all great
The food and the drink were first rate
The guests she invited
always pleased and delighted
and everyone laughed as they ate.

Good ol' Milt was always a blast
He always dressed well and with class
We'd laugh and we'd joke
and the stories he spoke
They were interesting things from his past.

The old relatives would usually show too
reminiscing the whole evening through
But they're family you know,
so no dismay would we show
As their numbers are getting to be few.

It's funny how as we get older
we speak and we act so much bolder
perhaps it's the fire
of hidden desire
that burns after enough time to smolder.