Monday, June 11, 2012

Rhymes for the Workplace Bathroom

By Rick Williams

[I wrote each of these to combat specific problems where I used to work]

Apparently from what I am seeing
you pick your nose while you are peeing.
Please stop it quick
'fore we get sick.
On that we're all agreeing.

To flush these you must do it quick;
don't pull the handle slow.
You have to do it with a flick
to stop the water's flow.

Unless you really like to mop
the floor up every day,
flush it quick so it will stop
and dry our feet will stay.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Don't Waste the Chance

By Rick Williams

June is here
with rain--it's clear.
Don't miss a chance to mow!

The lawn grows fast
green: Unsurpassed
you can almost see it grow.

Dry days are rare
so don't EVEN dare
miss a single chance you get.

Get out on that mower
and cut that grass lower...
and HURRY--before you get wet!