Thursday, December 19, 2013

O' Ireland!

By Rick Williams

Ireland, so lush and full of green
we loved you more and more
as days went by and more was seen
though sun did shine and rain did pour.

Your country lanes have so much feel
with all the fences made of stone
though a bit too close when at the wheel
with ivy, overgrown.

Your fields; their shades of healthy green
some empty, some with grazing sheep
were all so neatly kept and clean,
no matter flat or hillsides steep.

Your Irish people, so eager, they
no matter what we asked;
So happy to talk and so much to say
with friendliness: unsurpassed.

Your colorful villages with cheery stores
Seemed to extend a friendly hand.
We wanted to stop, to walk, explore
each village in the land.

Our favorite: your rugged, windblown coasts!
Some places: sheer and rocky drops.
The misty rains sometimes made ghosts
of shots we took on camera stops.

The broken backs of remains, once grand
castles, abbeys from the days of old.
We found them all across your land
Some hidden, most with tales untold.

The beautiful sound of Irish speech
makes music of the spoken word.
I loved to hear you talk, and each
time I smiled when it was heard.

Let's not forget the foods we ate
all home-grown or fresh-caught
everything we tried was great!
We looked forward to meals a lot!

We found your pubs inviting, all
when we needed to take a rest.
Your soups and breads enthralled
we said each time, "That was best."

We truly fell in love with all we saw of you
and we saw such a great many things
we left Ireland with fond memories, true,
and to those we will always cling.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Train of Thought

By Rick Williams

Eyebrow cocked, I'm trying hard
but where's my train of thought?
Is my brain abused and scarred?
Is that what reckless life has fraught?

I'm groping for any kind of thread
But, try as I might, I can't think what.
It's like my once clear mind is dead
or deeply mired in a muddy rut.

I try not to get uptight and fret;
just sigh and move along.
No use in getting all upset
as years creep up things will go wrong.