Thursday, July 12, 2018

Summer is My Thing!

by Rick Williams

Welcome to the summer heat!
(It's not for everyone...)
For me, though, it's a favorite--
It's when clothing turns to fun!

The choices that some people make
in what they choose to wear
tend to border on risque'
and filled with "...if you dare!"

It's a time for naughty dress
for those that like to flaunt;
it's a time to show more skin
and make their clothing taunt!

A general lack of underthings
prevails in summer clothes,
and flip-flops, shoes, and sandals
reveal sexy, polished toes.

My favorites are the dresses
that blow when there's a breeze
with glimpses of what's underneath
that tantalize and tease.

Sure, winter, fall, and spring are good
with all the things they bring,
but give me summer any day;
bare skin is more my thing!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Limericks for Lisa

by Rick Williams

A wonderful friend of mine--Lisa;
Such a talented artist is she-sa!
Her pottery is stellar,
and often I tell her
how beautiful her work is to me-sa.

Though her pottery wheel is her tool,
her painting is also a jewel.
her designs do inspire,
and I love to admire;
Her elaborate patterns are so cool!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Algona (Sung to the tune of El Paso by Marty Robbins)

By Rick Williams

Out in the sleepy small town of Algona
I fell in love with a red-headed girl.
At school I'd stare but pretend not to see her
and through my mind thoughts of Brenda would whirl.

Cute were the dimples and pigtails of Brenda
but I was a "timid with girls" sort of lad.
I never looked at her wide eyes directly
so I never knew what color eyes that she had.

One day at school, new glasses she wore
so different she looked to us all.
Laughing and joking
such fun I was poking
with poor little Brenda
that girl that I loved.

So in anger she

snitched to the teacher before I could stop her
and cried while she told her what evil I'd done.
I'm sure I got into trouble about it
as Brenda stood back with a grin she had won.

I was not liking this bad situation,
I stood by the teacher and stared at the door.
But Brenda was worth it, a sassy young maiden
even though tears of mine fell to the floor.

Very soon after I, too, wore new glasses
and had to endure the same insults as she.
I hated them dearly for making me different
but loved them as well for at last I could see.

Things on the blackboard were finally in view
nothing escaped my new eyes
now I could see things
like panties on school swings
the clearly-seen undies:
my newly found prize.

Alas, but I

Moved from the town and went north to another
friends that I left there were fading from view.

For the girl in Algona my love was still burning
though Brenda had surely forgotten me now.
Like me she grew and forgot those days back when
we ran and we played as our days would allow.

Moving away from Algona one day
she had to follow her kin
maybe she'd be back
or maybe she wouldn't, but
looking behind her she
cried leaving her past.

And I felt that

A spark in my soul was extinguished or missing
an emptiness echoed though my childhood heart.
I couldn't tell what this emptiness came from
I only knew I felt missing a part.

Every ten years I had hope that I'd see her
my love for Brenda was still there inside.
At those reunions I never did find her
I never knew whether she lived or had died.

Then came the 40th, my heart filled with hope
maybe this time I would find
the girl I had searched for
for all of these years.
The beauty named Brenda
that I'd left behind.

So in earnest I

kept a sharp eye on the news of my classmates
working the listings I asked for her name.
One day I looked and my eyes misted over
written there was Brenda, my old childhood flame.

Now that I've found her I'll never let go of
this girl I have missed all those decades before.
I missed her so badly and now that she's back
I will love her forever, forever, and more.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Is it Time?

By Rick Williams

Is it time? Is it time for baking
in warming rays the sun is making?

Is it warm enough to exchange or shed
the winter clothes for naught instead?

The End of Winter

By Rick Williams

The wafting floral essences
fill the countryside;
the warm air rolls throughout the car
while out for a springtime ride.

Peel off protection from the cold
and celebrate the sun!
Get rid of all the winter clothes,
and sun the naked buns!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Crossing of Paths

by Rick Williams

There once was a cute redhead named Brenda,
and we both, the same school, did attend-a.
Now that we're older
I am able to hold her
and we are finally boyfriend and girlfriend-a.

Many years have gone by and gone fast,
and though many experiences have passed,
we've found that we are
quite alike--it's bizarre,
I'm so glad we're together at last!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Limerick for Warren

by Rick Williams

A "planner-turned-screener" named Warren
Who, in thrift stores he likes to be porin’
He has roving eyes
for collectible ties
The rare ones are the ones he likes scorin’

Monday, November 7, 2016

Sun and Shade

by Rick Williams

How tragic it would be to have the love of your life actually allergic to the sun's embrace?
What else could you do but adjust and be appreciative?

Naked on a blanket there;
lying down, without a care.
He is baking in the sun
but she: alas, enjoying none.

Because sun on her does not agree,
and affects her skin so awfully,
she lies and rests within the shade--
ducking the sun she must evade.

She has to hide from steady rays
lest her skin rise up and health betrays.
Still, she loves the feel of clothing-free,
so does with help from a shady tree.

Though easier separate blankets might be,
they'd be out of each other's reach, you see.
So, their blanket must be placed just right--
placing her in shade while he's in light.

Still, she smiles and feels complete,
and revels in the lazy heat.
The sounds of birds are all around,
and whispering leaves add to the sound.

Idyllic there among the trees,
and cooled by nature's loving breeze.
She looks over at him lying near
and sighs--so glad that she is here.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Hundredth Post!

By Rick Williams

Wow, it appears this stupid rhyme right here
means a milestone has been logged.
This entry makes the hundredth post
of my ramblings on this blog!

I had many written when it began;
just crap I wrote over years of time.
this blog was started to keep them safe;
these bits of limerick, prose, and rhyme.

As time went by more things were added;
some from pain and some came easy.
Some of them were very thoughtful,
and many humorous and cheesy.

While a hundred posts in the blogging world
is a fairly easy goal to meet,
the fact that I'm not any kind of poet
makes a hundred seem like quite a feat!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sixty Years Old?!

By Rick Williams

It happens every single day;
no preparation does it take.
Sleeping when our day is done;
we're older when we wake.

This birthday felt a little weird;
it was different in some way.
I felt the same way physically
but my mind felt... disarray.

I guess the thought of saying "sixty"
is mostly what's to blame.
It feels like now it's fine to say,
"I'm old, you play the game."

I'm fine; it's just a thoughtful time
to reflect on all that's past...
especially since I never thought
I'd arrive this far, this fast.