Saturday, May 19, 2012


By Rick Williams

The rays of sun caress my skin
and wrap me in their glow.
It blesses me; I feel alive;
tingling from head to toe.

As summer's end grows closer
it once again sends forth
the signal to shed clothing
before winter winds of north.

The solar heat warms gently
and accompanied by breezes
the cooling effect of gentle wind
feels good on skin it teases.

All our bodies' little hairs
exposed when we are bare
are energized receptors
of the sun and breezes there.

People wear clothing since day one
and we never question why.
Most of us would never dream
of giving nudity a try.

The small amount of folks that do
know of its healing power.
It cleanses cobwebs from the mind
like taking a mental shower.

When temperatures are perfect
it's so nice to shed your clothes
But it makes a difference where you're at
before you do expose.

The best, of course, are places
out away from prying eyes.
Like forests, lakes, or beaches
with space and clear blue skies.

When finally the suns rays go
and getting dressed is near
it's hard to think that it might be
the last until next year.

This word of mine called Sunity
was invented just for fun.
You just take a little nudity
and sprinkle it with sun.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


By Rick Williams

Hot tub soaking
laughing and joking

Drinking beer
with good friends near

Warm water fun
in tropical sun

Craigslist deals
and things with wheels

Picture taking
Fall leaf raking

The smell of rain
Riding trains

Computer play
A roadside cafe

Watching good flicks
with action and chicks

Thrift store things
Hummingbird wings

Acoustic guitars
Shooting stars

Things like this
to me, bring bliss!