Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ode to a Cousin

By Rick Williams

Melinda, whom I love so dearly
cousin since my day of birth;
Our meetings then were at best, yearly
I never knew your friendship's worth.

Your pictures graced my grandpa's wall,
both yours and sister Jan.
When I went near they seemed to call
so there I'd stop and stand.

I remember that I'd stop and gaze
any time I could
I'll bet I could have stayed for days
transfixed, right where I stood.

I was so in awe of you
whenever you were here,
I always felt self-conscious
whenever you were near.

The times you guys came up
to visit were so few,
that each for me was awkward
like I had only just met you.

Algona, where I lived and grew
was "no-wheres-ville" to me;
I longed for Southern Cal with you
where tanned I'd always be.

"Where the Action Is" and "Bandstand"
I watched them on TV.
I'd dream of California sand
and in those thoughts you'd be.

You were older than me back then
and so cool in every way,
I'd try to memorize the things you'd do
and everything you'd say.

Now that many years have passed
and our ages finally touch,
I can truly say at last
that I love you very much!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Alone at Christmas

By Rick Williams

The holiday season we hold so dear
feels very, very odd this year.

My lack of lights and Christmas tree
could be the problem... Possibly.

My home is a quiet, empty house
without my daughter or nagging spouse.

No endless loop of Christmas songs
playing over and over, all day long.

No fighting over what to see
when Christmas specials are on TV.

Party invites never seem to be
when they're all couples and I'm only me.

But what if all these things I've missed
are actually my Christmas list?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Summer's End

By Rick Williams

Cold and damp, the evening air
as October's end draws near;
The lazy warmth of the evening sun
is gone until next year.

The leaves of many of the trees
are turning red and gold
from the lack of the sunlight
and from the night-time cold.

Wood stove smoke hangs heavy
in the cool, moist night time air,
and in the mornings fog and dew
are not exactly rare.

Gone are the musical ice cream trucks
with their irritating tunes,
Replaced by quiet, empty darkness
and hazy, orange full moons.

Pumpkin fields, awash in orange
are everywhere you look
and cornfields cut to mazes
like puzzles from a book.

Soon it will be Halloween
and children of all sizes,
will be busy ringing doorbells
in search of sweet surprises.

Witches, ghosts, and monsters
are what they used to be
but now they're cartoon characters
and heroes from TV.

The favorite sport will also change
from one game to another.
Instead of swinging baseball bats
they'll be tackling each other.

Bodies once totally bare
to the hot, dry summer sun
are now covered completely
with no button left undone.

So put away your swimsuits
and beach towels for a bit,
and dig out all your winter clothes
to see if they still fit.

The satin sheets can go as well;
use flannel ones instead,
and spread the quilt that grandma made
out over the bed.

With holidays just ahead,
and everyone baking treats
the diets will go out the window
as everyone overeats.

Whether it's due to boredom
or what, no one really knows,
but as least our overeating
will be hidden by our clothes.

So if you end up feeling down
and melancholy too
just think ahead to summer
and you will make it through!

Friday, October 6, 2006

I Don't Need a Reason

By Rick Williams

People often wonder
what is right and what is wrong.
We wonder what our purpose is
and where we all belong.

We wake and rise each morning
and ready for our day
some may go to school or work
and others might just play.

Some people have a purpose
and others have no clue
of why it is that they're put here
and what they are to do.

Many people need to think
that "someone" put them here
while others are content to have
no god to praise or fear.

To some my way of thinking
is called "outside the box"
but I don't care that they may think
my head is full of rocks.

For I believe that this is hell
and not what's after death.
All the things that happen now;
before our final breath.

Pain and sorrow are no fun
on that we all agree,
but they can be our private hell
and feel like eternity.

Me? I don't need a greater reason
to live upon this earth
than to eat and drink, and maybe sex,
and share a little mirth.

Who knows how long that we may last
or how long we'll be here?
So eat and laugh and love,
and drink another beer.

Sometimes my thoughts can be quite strange
and border on bizarre,
but that's what makes me who I am
instead of who you are.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Meeting

By Rick Williams

The once was a woman named Kerri
who wanted a man, but was wary.
She'd been married before
but the union was poor
the details of which I will spare ye.

While on the computer one day
she stopped into a chat room to stay.
The people would greet
everyone they did meet.
Not one unkind word would they say.

And chatting in there on that day
was a man who had hair specked with gray.
Upon checking she found
he was married, and she frowned
Why does it always seem to happen this way?

But although her conscience said, "Run!"
she found that it couldn't be done.
His picture was cute
and she couldn't refute
That he said so many things fun!

She thought she could stop but could not
when the flirting became very hot.
She thought, "Here's a chance
for a little romance.
That is, if he doesn't get caught."

One day when she felt very bold
"Either act now or I will be old."
She said, "Can we meet
and get something to eat
and see what the future may hold?"

The timing was right--now or never.
With his wife gone, he need not be clever.
If it didn't work out
Or an ass he turned out
Ties with him she could then sever.

They agreed on a nice public place
for their first ever face-to-face.
If he got out of hand
with his hands or demands
she could try out her new can of mace.

They laughed and they talked while they ate
and they sipped on their drinks and felt great.
The karaoke crowd
made the bar very loud,
and by the time that they left it was late.

They walked out to their cars to go
and they hugged very tightly you know.
And while both had been drinking
they were also both thinking
That their feelings had just started to show.

They met once again the next day,
both of their heads swimming with thoughts to convey.
Neither knew what to do
but one thing they knew:
This thing felt too good to just let slip away

They both settled into his ride.
Where to go was quite hard to decide.
But he talked of a store
full of furniture to explore
"We'll be there in minutes," he lied.

He took the slowest route he could find
To make use of their being confined.
They talked and they smiled
And were both quite beguiled.
"She's so sexy!" he thought in his mind.

They got to the store and walked around,
occasionally stopping and sitting down.
when they went by a bed
thoughts entered her head,
but no handcuffs were anywhere to be found.

"There's espresso outside," he then told her.
And while in line he caressed her shoulders.
The feeling she got
made her melt on the spot.
and he wanted so badly to hold her.

They decided that back to her car they would go,
but a parade was in town and traffic was slow.
He knew is way 'round
the alleys of town,
and they managed to stay out of the flow.

They stopped at a very small park
with a view, and again felt that spark.
They touched and they hugged;
it was like they were drugged.
They could have easily stayed until dark.

Back where her car was he heard himself say,
"What should we do now for the rest of the day?"
She looked at his face
and said, "How 'bout my place?"
And his answer, of course, was, "Okay."

She opened the door and she stood up alongside
then, forgetting her purse, she leaned back inside.
"Nice view," he then said
as he nodded his head
to those beautiful breasts that he eyed.

"Lead me to the freeway," she said with a smile,
"Then I'll get in front for the rest of the while."
"I'll try not to lose you"
and then off she flew to
her shiny white sports car with style.

Her small apartment was neat as a pin.
But still she fussed nervously within.
She said, "It's hard to impress
when the place is a mess
But I didn't expect this, so cleaning didn't begin."

She went and she got him a beer
and made her a drink while he stood near.
They sat down to relax
but they didn't need snacks:
They were hungry for each other, that was clear.

As the hours wore on, they snuggled every which way,
and most of their clothing also got lost in the fray.
Down to loose pants
they were in a love trance,
when they decided they should stop the love play.

Both reluctantly slowly got up and got dressed
for they both knew in their hearts that it was best.
There would be other days
that their passion could blaze,
and it would give time to consider the feelings expressed.

So, alas, they said goodnight and they parted,
and they hoped to continue what had started.
It was basically the end
of the perfect weekend
they each thought sadly as he departed.