Saturday, July 13, 2013

Titanium Class

by Rick Williams

[I went to a free work-sponsored day-long class today at Southcenter. The following is a result of my experience:]

I went to a class on titanium
a bit much for my diminutive cranium
Some of it: good
most not understood
Even though they tried hard to explainium.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Tiny Life Goes Dark

by Rick Williams

The other day I stood helplessly
as a fragile life drained dry.
Once it was a bird we watched
as it would feed, then fly.

The kitty had no anger towards
the birds she watched each day
it's just a fascination
that, to felines, is like play.

She probably couldn't help it
when the bird got close to her
knowing cats, it happened fast
and to the finch: a blaze of fur.

I found the frail and dying bird
on the floor when I came in
the cat was near but didn't care
much to my chagrin.

Cats are very proud of kills
as their trophies they bestow;
but all I had was sadness
as I watched the birds life go.