Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Cards to Ethan & Emma

By Rick Williams

[I wrote these to include in the Christmas cards I sent to my grand-kids this year.]

Merry Christmas, Ethan!
What a handsome boy you are!
Although I've only met you once
I know you're quite a star!

I wish that I could be there
and visit with you folks.
I could take your pictures
and tell you funny jokes!

Unfortunately, I am here
and you are way down there.
But some day I may visit you
and sit down in your chair!

I hope you have a wonderful
Christmas day this year.
Try to treat your sister nice
and hold her very dear!

Merry Christmas, Emma!
I hope you're doing well.
I haven't seen you in forever
but someday--time will tell!

I'll bet you're smart and talented
and get good grades and stuff.
But I also hope you're having fun
and on your brother: not too tough.

As I said in Ethan's card
I wish I was there to see
the fun and festive Christmas
at your house, around the tree!

Next time I'm down that way
I'll be sure to stop and see
you, your brother and the rest
of your loving family!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gloomy Woods

by Rick Williams

Carefully, I choose my steps
and curse my choice of shoes
for hidden under rotting leaves
rocks and mud confuse.

It seems the farther that I go
along the forest floor
the more I notice little things
and the more I must explore.

I stop to listen, I look around
It's like I'm not alone;
my sounds seem strangely amplified
and they bother the unknown.

The pathway stretches eerily
through the dripping, silent trees.
I feel like I'm intruding here
and all the foliage sees.

It's odd how much that feeling
is more prevalent today.
It's like the rain that trickles down
gives trees much more to say.