Monday, November 7, 2016

Sun and Shade

by Rick Williams

How tragic it would be to have the love of your life actually allergic to the sun's embrace?
What else could you do but adjust and be appreciative?

Naked on a blanket there;
lying down, without a care.
He is baking in the sun
but she: alas, enjoying none.

Because sun on her does not agree,
and affects her skin so awfully,
she lies and rests within the shade--
ducking the sun she must evade.

She has to hide from steady rays
lest her skin rise up and health betrays.
Still, she loves the feel of clothing-free,
so does with help from a shady tree.

Though easier separate blankets might be,
they'd be out of each other's reach, you see.
So, their blanket must be placed just right--
placing her in shade while he's in light.

Still, she smiles and feels complete,
and revels in the lazy heat.
The sounds of birds are all around,
and whispering leaves add to the sound.

Idyllic there among the trees,
and cooled by nature's loving breeze.
She looks over at him lying near
and sighs--so glad that she is here.

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