Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Butterflies in Spring

by Rick Williams

Oh, to be a butterfly!
I'd be no threat at all.
I could fly most anywhere;
from fence to treetop tall.

I could dart around the land
bringing smiles to all who see,
always barely out of reach
when they'd try to capture me.

I could land on someone sunning
and they would let me stay!
They would feel a special bond
to nature as they lay.

I'd fly around in search of ladies
that were naked in the sun,
and catch their eye just to be safe--
I'd hate to scare someone!

Her nipple would be a perfect spot
to stop and take a rest!
She'd laugh and feel me tickling
as I walked around her chest.

I'd be no threat at all of course
we all love butterflies in spring!
when (or if) one lands on us
we feel good luck they bring!

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