Saturday, May 14, 2016

Wondering Aloud

by Rick Williams

I grew up like so many boys:
told, "Shh, big boys don't cry!"
What did I know--I was just a kid;
Who started that? And why?

I wonder who I'd be right now
if things had gone a different way.
When I was young--instead of rules--
was allowed to think and say.

Childhood filled with "Pay attention!"
and things I shouldn't do,
rules of some kind all the time
would constantly pursue.

Would I be a different person now?
Would relationships work out?
Would I be rid of loneliness
that I seldom am without?

Who knows, I may be even worse,
unfriendly to folks I know,
a surly, asshole with a grudge
that has nowhere to go.

I guess I'm comfy where I'm at
and my life moves pretty well
though it's interesting to ponder
what the "what if's" might foretell.

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